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FREE 14 day Masterclass Series featuring 30+ experts in the area of Conscious Creation to share with you not only what shifts are required within you, but also the steps you must take to finally create what you came here to do so you can live at your highest potential.

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How to bust through limiting beliefs, raise your vibration and get the Universe on your side, so you can finally manifest what you are meant to create!

During this interactive training, you will learn how to:

  • Easily manifest the things you want without getting caught up in the dogma of “just think and it will happen”

  • Trust and courageously follow your intuition

  • Tap into the Law of Attraction to manifest from ease and grace

  • Rewire your subconscious mind and tap into the limitless potential of your Divine soul

  • Create your own reality by consciously designing your destiny

  • Learn how to Let Go to create space for more

  • Access the Quantum Field so you can open yourself up to opportunities for growth, creativity, service and joy

  • PLUS

    A private True Transformation Facebook group. This is where we will take the masterclass series to the next level! Throughout the series I will be there to give you live bonus trainings, answer your questions and teach you how to become a conscious creator so you can live a magical life. There will also be some amazing prizes to be won. You can expect additional guest appearances from our speakers too!

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Conscious Creator's Masterclass Series Featured Speakers:

Pamala Oslie

How to Quantum Leap your Life

Christina A. Whitman

The Desire Factor: 5 Common Obstacles that may be Standing in Your Way of Manifesting Your Desires

Arielle Ford

The Universal Law that Can be Used to Find Your Soulmate

Christian de la Huerta

Arriving at a Deeper Understanding of your Own Relationship to Power

Dr. Joy Martina

How to Use Intuition to Change Your Life

Alicia Love

Body Wisdom: how to tap into your intuition through body awarenesses

Alida Birch

The Shamanic Craft of Co-Creation

Anna Cristina Garcia

The Power of The Law of Attraction

Carine Sroujian

Break Free of Inner Blocks & Step into your Power

Carissa Lynn Renner

Vocal Alchemy

Deborah Acker

How to Create a Deep, Conscious Love Relationship

Erica Longdon

Sonic Vitamins

Gloria Coppola

Manifesting the Soul's Purpose

Jenevie Willes (Shoykhet)

Women, Sex, and Power

Jill Sherer Murray

Let Go for a Big Wild Life

Jodi-Kay Edwards

Steps to Creating a Life & Business You Love

Julie Leonard

Intentional Happiness

Karen Carter

Create Your Dream Life with Ease using Feng Shui

Kelly Elliott

Discover the Amazing Power of Emotional Freedom Technique and the Free Your Life Method

Laura Medrano

How to Master Resiliency with Radical Self-Love

Lisa Barnett

Creating Abundance through Your Akashic Records

Louise Matson

Being Unapologetically You!

Marina Beech

Using Your Akashic Records To Elevate Your Life & Business

Ulrika Sullivan

Aligning to your own natural energy 

Walaa Almuhaiteeb

Heal Yourself with Color

Wendi Blum Weiss

The Power of Leverage

Petia Kolibova

How to Create Abundance Using Mindset, Values & Fulfillment

Mira Kelley

Trusting Your Way to a Conscious Life

Katherine Trimarco

Design Your Destiny

Tonya Blakley

Aligning with the Unlimited Energy of Abundance

"It is the believer of infinite possibility who opens the door to miracles."

- Tonya Blakley

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